Unstable Fakers of Change in Self

A series of nine sculptures in various states of change. The title comes from the 1913 Umberto Boccioni sculpture Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. The Italian 20 cent coin features an image of this sculpture.The frame of each sculpture is a set of used scaffolding. Various elements, form a changing set of protagonists on each structure. These are objects and materials commonly seen on scaffolding; buckets, nets, cable ties, rope, tarpaulin etc.
A video monitor on each structure shows possible actions associated with the materials. Paint is sprayed onto the scaffolding, objects are concealed in the bucket, each object is spun around on the scaffolding, so presenting multiple perspectives in time on the same set-up.

Used scaffolding, lifting slings, wooden board, plasticine, bucket, paint, cement, net, coins, monitors
Dimensions variable, 2018
Single-channel HD videos on monitors,
Duration variable, 2018